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Attn. LS turbo cam Pro's

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Plz ID this for me
these cams are for sale 120 shipped
the guy told me that these are "a more aggressive version of the JG 1001. And told me that Dave Shih gave them to him after he took his motor apart (the first time)this is before he had BRE build the motor so these were the cams that hit 10.87.
These cams also ran 11.7 in bone stock LS motor in the seller's civic back in the days.
I have no clue if i should jump on or not~ besides i don't even know who Dave Shih is... hahaha

oh it's for my 00' GS and i am going turbo with these cams~~

Need some inputs
Thanks guys

here are the links
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11.7 sec quater mile with these cams in a stock LS motor in a civic? are you sure it was a bone stock motor?
yeah man.. that's what he wrote in the e-mail
i just copy paste~

yeah it sounds fishy man~
very fishy indeed. to go like 11.7 in a quater mile that requieres like turbo in a LS motor. or all motor and alot of NOS.

but also 120$ shipped for performance cams are a really good price. but id have to wonder if they are about to break or fall apart when you have them installed.

i really think he meant the LS engine was not fully built except cams and a turbo. (thats if he's honest) also you can give JG performance a call to verify but i never liked the way the people at JG did buiness
MRXMUFFIN, you are right man...

this is his setup i found out last night
1990 civic h/b
B18B LS motor
drag gen II kit (GSR kit)
13 psi on stock ECU and FMU
full race car, was gutted to the max
cut doors/hood/hatch
13in M&H slicks

see it here:
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aha! i knew it had to have turbo it would have been next to impossibe for a LS motor to do 11s without it.

now my question is, are u going to get the cams? are you going to follow thier setup? best of luck to you on your choice.
I don't think so ~~
Thanks for your info man~~

Guess what? some ppl who knew Dave Shih or whatever his name is told me that the cams this guy selling me must be 6 years old or +. and getting a cams out from a racing car racer... you never know how they had abused the cams and shti.....
so forget it~
I would sleep better if i get something new and not to worry about it to crack and shit..

Thanks again :D :D
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