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Hello. I am making a webboard/website for the tri-state honda and acuras. It seems that there is too much scattering of the boards. So i would like to unite everyone. And anyone who comes can buy 1 or more stickers to promote the site (NO NOT RICE) . Basically it will be 1 thread for meets. 1 thread for beating around the bush and a thread for car pics.
and i am also thinking of having a members directory so that ppl who come can see who is who and see who is around the. Tell me what you think. I need support and does anyone know of a good place for webhosting someplace cheap or preferably freE?
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what tri-state area?
by tri state i mean
and this is more for meets as well as a register for cars..
if u live in nj and u are new and u wanna see whats out there go check out nj peeps registry where they will have names and loc as well as pic and misc crap of what is out there. you like or no?
i need a really good response if i want to get this thing up.

and also there will be a message board for meets and a few other misc topics
that way we can go there to talk to each other make new friends see where ppl are etc..
Glad that was clarified, cause in Indiana, Tri-State means the Chicago area.....Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan. :p :p
thats cool. let me know about it cuz i would be intersted. i live in ny about 40 minutes from nyc. how about you?
Philly PA..........
i think the registry is a good idea but having a board for the tri-state area isnt. we already have PSR for south jersey and philly, then we got hondahookup for ny and upper jersey, and then there is NYSRO for long island and other parts of ny. having the registry could help but considering SHO is probably the largest honda/acura forum this should be the place to start. just my 2 cents
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