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what are your thouhgts on your setups??is it be cheaper to go ZC TURBO or just B16A (no turbo). and is it worth while to bother with a zc turbo setup??? for speed?? What kinda 1/4 mile times do you guys with zc turbos have??? thanks for your info and opinions.
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I love my ZC Turbo setup. I got a 92-95 Greddy kit and made it work. Was very easy and I am pleased with the results. I do not have any times yet due to me just gettin it done like a month ago and it is still snowing here so no tracks are open. I will post on here when i get a time.
how much

TrboRex how much did you pay for your zc and the greddy kit??
to tell you truth....yes it would be worth while....theres already enough parts out there to completly fully build a zc motor. a zc turbo crx will definitely smoke a b16 crx(unless this car) was fully built from a NA standpoint. once you get the turbo you can run 8lbs on a d-series motor if you have sufficient fuel...anymore would be pushing it unless you have a standalone ecu like zdyne(if going over 8lbs you would want to upgrade your bottom end) . a d-series block could hold upto 15lbs of boost till you have to worry about your cylinders cracking(having a block guard would be good up to this point). if you wanna run more than 15lbs then you can go with a resleeve kit from golden eagle. if you have a zc in your car, why not work with what you got. yes the b16 has more potential to make more power but who wants to fully built a car that will do 400hp when you wont even be able to use that power on the street? why have a b16t(stock motor) when you can have a ZCt and have the same amount of power on a built motor(different boost levels though)?

i have a custom turbo setup using a turbonetics t3super60 turbocharger and a spearco fmic(24x8x3.5)core. when i hit full boost the pull is unbelieveable. im one of only 2 people i know in this forum that runs a sohc zc turbo. hopefully my motor will be half built by the end of this year....eagle rods, srp pistons, raceeng blockguard and head gasket, zdyne ecu w/ 450 cc injectors. rite now im saving up for the ecu. my goal rite now is to make 250 whp and i know i could pull that off with this setup on 13lbs of boost.
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this sounds like a pretty good thing happening with these ZCs, i am still just a little curious as to how much you guys spend on these turbo setups... anyone shed anylight???
i spent about 2800 for my turbo setup....with everything installed

turbonetics t3super60 turbo (recommended for d-series motors)
spearco fmic (24"x8"x3.5") core, custom IC piping (battery is still in the engine bay), tial 35mm wastegate, vortech fmu, hiflo fuel pump, custom turbo manifold, turbo downpipe, oil lines/vacuum lines/all fittings/ all clamps and stuff

-150 for 2.5 exhaust downpipe
-catco hiflo cat for 80 bucks (installed when dp was done)
-exhaust resonator for 40bucks installed
-240 for my msd 6a ignition/blaster 2 coil/modified dist cap which was installed along with the turbo kit
-50 bucks for mbc
-50 bucks for autometer boost gauge

i think thats about 3410 for everything if i added everything right

now i have enough knowledge to put together my own turbo kit that i can build a good setup for about 1500 bucks using a t3 or t3t4 turbo.
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i fergot to also say that i have a greddy type-s bov in my setup

K that sounds real cool. so then cost wise almost the same for a B16A setup. that isnt bad. now i have somethin else to think about. I want to go forced induction anyway so this is cool. as for streetability?? It is still good cuz this wil be my daily driver?? And for kills?? can you hand a 5.0 its ass???
A turbo zc would destroy a 5.0
Im working on my ZC turbo right now, and so far the cost is no where near the cost of a B16. Plus ill finally be able to say "I got boost!"
A Boosted ZC CRX would cruise past alot of cars, plus sound good doing it!
just to add a turbo b16 would be even better plan ahead a crx with the b16 will still beat a 5.0 but wut cant hand a STOCK 5.0 its ass they are slow. As for teh zc turbo its can be very very fast but the turbo b16 can be faster than the zc could ever be. IMO just my 2 cents
new question guys

Should I just get the Greddy kit? or any recomendations for the turbo setup??? hit me up with suggestions guys. what will give me the best output at how much boost? I am excited! hahaha
5.0 mustangs are pretty slow unless they are heavily modded like i found out today. i beat a lot of cars out there on the street. much money do you plan to spend on a turbo kit?...what are your power goals?

well i figure to spend bout the same as a B16a. but i guess i dont really have a set budget not gonna fork out like 5g or anything but enough to get where i want. i would like to run low 13s if that is possible i dunno. so what i guess probbaly 225-250hp at the wheels i guess. what do i need to do for that? run 13s??
you could run mid-high 13's (low 13's on slicks)with a greddy turbo kit if you have a good performance clutch.
PSIKOTIC >> how does the greddy type-s sound??

does it make that whistling noise ??? or that pressure release noise...???

which ones make the whistling noise... ??
save yourself some money...visit

good luck!
whistling noise....all i know of is a loud ass sound coming from my greddy bovand i mean loud....from the inside of my car its hurts my ears every now and then. its high pitched and loud, that how i describe. only thing that might whistle in my car is the turbo.....but it sounds more like a whirling noise.
mmmmmmmm..turbo,,,,where do you guyz think is the cheapest place to get the 92-95 Civic GReddy turbo kit? also they don't come with BOV right? IC for sure doesn't come with it but i can get that later since its only 5.5psi ......and how much more PSI can the turbo boost to?

I'm still waiting for a adjuster to come look at my car...hopefully i get enough money to fix my wrecked CRX and save enough to get a GReddy kit....

oh one more thing..what only part of the turbo kit that we have to mod to fit? like..the charge pipes and radiator fan ...?
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