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ATTS warning lights on???

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Driving an 98 Type SH. The ATTS warning lights are on.
Went to the dealer to see what's going on, but they want $90.00
just to check it out!
Anyone out there know what the problem is and why???
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do u have a warranty???... probly not since they want money! hmm.... reset ur ecu... it seems to solve everything:) heh....
Have you lost traction over any inclines or declines lately? Or rode a curb? That could cause the ATTS light to come on, but then again, it will usually turn off after you kill the ignition. It might be a faulty ATTS sensor, but you'll never know until you have it checked out unfortunately :(
So the ATTS light stays on even when you tun the car off and on? Usually that resets my ATTS light. Try restting the ECU, disconnect battery for 15 minutes.

If it stays on. Pull the engine code. But don't count the check engine light blinks, check the ATTS light blinks and post hopw many there are. If you don't know how to pull the code search around the board for it or post up and i'll tell ya how.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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