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Question. Has anyone or is it even worth taking out the factory teg radio and upgrading to the bose system for the teg? Speakers n all, if its even possible.

I'm tired of speaker boxes in my damn trunk. Or maybe, are there any speakers that can give me the thump a subwoofer would (well okay, unrealistic) or kinda close?

My current setup is some kinda aftermarket piece of sh*t speakers the guy who sold me the car put in b/c he said the factory speakers were crappy. They pump 240watts of treble!!! Anyway... I have a kenwood 4channel amp 500watts and a no name brand 8" sub box, that I was goin 2 take to tweeter and have installed. I was going to swap out 8" sub for MB Quart or somethin at the tweeter store when I got it installed.
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