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When u floor it.. when does your tranny shift?

mines shiftingg at 6500k rpms

please floor your car and tell me whats up.. I want exact answers and not Maybe..

My friend TOm is getting 6900.. shifts before it redlines

I swear mine did that.. until i didnt something to her :(

Im retarding my time back to 12 in a couple mintues..

maybe b/c i adjusted my throttle cable
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I haven't really gotten the opportunity to really floor it, and pay attention to when it shifts into second. For the most part, it shifts just before 4k; I've seen it up to around 5 on a few occasions. This is in D4, by the way. I can redline it easy in "2" :p

I'll go give it a shot right now, and be back in a little bit with results of what RPM it shifts at when I floor it.
OK, I'm back.

I made a right to go around the block to a long, straight road to try it out. Came to a complete stop, floored it, hit second around 5700-5800 RPM. Saw people in their driveway, so I had to cut it short (I was up to around 60 in 2nd when I saw them jerk around... this is a 30 mph street mind you:D)

Made two rights back onto my street, floored it again at around a 4-5 mph idle. Shifted just before 7... you could call this 6900 RPM. This time, the pedal was floored literally as far as I could get it (I'm not even wearing shoes, so I could tell!) That's as exact as I can get, without running 4-5 times around the block and making my engine whine at me for being such an abusive guy.

Next week is the intake; I'll give it another shot then ;)
Thanks man..

Mines shifting at 6500

Maybe its my spark plugs?
To tell you the truth, I have no idea :( I'm still relatively new to the whole car thing.

It's a '97 EX, by the way, no mods.
well Mines a 99 and shes been abused

I got trust intake and greddy pe catback

before i had Aem Cai and Dc Sports catback..

Maybe it was due to me rolling on 17's

I dont know.. Im rolling on 15's rite now *si rims*


Ill go take her for a spin.. and check

I retarded my timing back to stock 12 Before TDC and I reset my ECU..
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it's prob not ur ecu cuz you reset it. it could be your throttle cable. also lol this is kinda of a dumb idea. but did you check to see if like your floor mat was bunched under your gas pedal? This could make the gas pedal not go completely down causing it to shift early.
i had a 2000 auto ex (slow as fuck), but it shifted at 7000 rpms if I floored it. I only ran mobil 1 synthetic oil in the first oil change, after that the dealer did it cuz its a PITA to get to to filter. I had her for 7 months and ran her hard EVERY day :D; not like it was fast to begin with :D.


My automatic CIVIC EX IS FINE!!

TOM JRSC.. *99 honda civic ex automatic with JRSC and more modS*.. Floored his car to check forme.. and his car Shifts at
65-6600 k rpms..

So im fine..

Please all u guys.. Look at your TACH when Shifting.. U will see..


I need to change my oil >:) synthetic baby!
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mine shifts around 6.8ish
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