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auto h22 swap

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i've heard that an h22 wouldnt work in an automatic accord because of the wiring or this true? if it possible to swap a h22 into a 5gen auto? and what would i need?
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it is possible, but the 96- accord has the tranny controller in the main ecu, and with the obd1 swap, the tranny controller is seperate from the main ecu.....if you want to stay obd2, since there were no automatic 96 vtec ludes, you will need the ecu out of a jdm 96 vtec automatic prelude, which is going to be next to impossible to find (trust me, ive been looking for months) order to make the obd1 swap work, you will need a skunk 2 or hondata obd2-obd1 harness converter, and will need to hardwire the harness for the tranny controller.....i am going through the same thing right now with my 97 accord/obd1 swap and have pretty much given up hope and am currently looking for a 94-95 accord ex 5spd to swap the motor into.....if you need the wiring diagram for the external tranny controller, i have it courtesy of WaDZii.....and if it works for ya, be sure to thank him for taking the time to put the information could always just get an obd2 h22a swap, but it is quite a bit more expensive than the obd1 swap.....thats enough rambling for one post.....hope this helps you out.....
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