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I wanted to start off by sharing one of my most recent details that I could find online on a 2002 Honda S2000.

Products used:

CG Extreme Maxi Suds II
Wool Wash Pad
Microfiber Wishbone

Megs APC Diluted 1:1
Swissvax Detailing Brush

CG Clay
Sonus Detailing Clay Lubricant

Megs 105
Menzerna Super Intensive Polish
Menzerna PO85RD
Lake Country 6.5 Inch Orange Pad
Lake Country 6.5 Inch White Pad
Lake Country Wool 4 Inch spot pad (light cut)
Lake Country Foam 4 Inch white spot pad

3M 2000 Grit Sandpaper

Wolfgang Tire Gel
EZ Wheel Brush

Wax & LSP:
Jetseal 109
Swissvax Concorso


Infratech CM 5300
LED Torch
Jetspeed Air blower
Dewalt Rotary
Gilmore Foam Master

Before/Initial Inspection Pictures

First step was Megs APC on the wheels, moldings, and door jams agitated with various wheel brushes and swissvax detailing brush.


2 bucket method used to wash the car

After washing it was time to inspect the paint for contaminants. I suspected the claying would take a huge chunk of time but to my suprise it wasn't as bad as I thought. I decided on Sonus clay lubricant with CG medium grade clay.

After the hood. Not to bad

After the claying process the car was washed again with the two bucket method and was air dried.

After the car was dried it was time to inspect for paint imperfections. Holograms, swirls and scratches were quite evident.

Swirls on the trunk

After inspection I proceeded on using a test spot to figure out the right combination of pads/polishes. I decided on Orange Pad with Menzerna Super Intensive Polish and White Pad with PO85RD to finish. This is what it looked like in the sun WITHOUT sealant. Lower box corrected Upper box not corrected.

Some 50/50 shots in the sun

Fender 50/50

50/50 Shots with the Infratech followed by the LED torch

50/50 of the trunk. Wing was removed.

Fully corrected trunk

Fully corrected Fender

After paint correction I decided on using Jetseal 109 for my sealant. The sealant was applied and buffed off the car. I decided on a 3rd wash before applying Swissvax Concorso which was hand rubbed.

The carbon fiber wing was put back on and treated with Optiseal

Windows were buffed/polished and treated with rainX


Now remember the car the way it was before?


Thanks for looking. I'm sure there are some things I missed but thats the best i could do in the short period of time I had. Any comments or questions are welcome.
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