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I've recently noticed that a few days after a practice auto-x session, my left outer CV boot was torn. Are torn cvboots a common occurance among dedicated auto-xers?
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Autocrossing puts a lot of extra wear and tear on your car beyond normal street driving, that's for sure. I don't know if it was directly related, but I have already replaced both front wheel bearings. I guess the important question many miles on your car, and have you ever done any front end work?
but I have already replaced both front wheel bearings
How would one know when its time to change those? Also, from what I remember when you posted up your situation on H-T, it sounded like a real BIATCH of a job.heh

how many miles on your car, and have you ever done any front end work?
my 2k ITR currently has 37k miles. Also, i'm not sure what you mean by front end work. If you mean replaced the front end due to an accident and what not, No. Thanks for the info!
I knew the bearings were gone by the noise they were making under the right conditions. Excessive wheel play side to side is another indication, although I didn't have that. The job wasn't too bad, I just wanted to be prepared for the worst once I had everything taken apart. Better safe than surprised! All in all, it wasn't too bad. I have pics of my amazingly bad bearings that I'll post sooner or later.

37K miles isn't very many, but a torn boot is a torn boot no matter what the miles. By front end work I was asking about previous damage or repairs mostly.

I don't recommend that you use any type of two piece boot to replace your torn one, even though they are way easier to install. Get the OEM Honda boot, pack it well, and do it right. You'll have to pull the axle, so you're basically taking my bearing job one step more.

don't use the CV boots that slip right on over the axle. They don't last long at all. I installed one on my friends Integra, and it flew right off within a week. Do it right like ITR#231 said. Go with an O.E.M. boot.

later, and good luck,

aj :)
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