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Autobody Glossary

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Here are some terms used in the bodyshop. Memorize them at once. :D
I found a bunch of the exact definitions searching around the web, I tried to simplify them though.

Abrasive - Substance used to wear away a surface by friction. IE- Sandpaper, claybar, grinding disk, rubbing compounds, etc.

Acrylic - A plastic like material used in the manufacturing of paint to increase gloss and durability.

Adhesion - adhesion is the "sticking" between the paint/primer and the surface being painted.

Adhesion Promoter - for the most part a clear aresol spray that is sprayed directly on the surface, that greatly increases adhesion. A must for painting plastics, and also works well when using double sided tape.

Atomization - When the paint and air mix in the gun and break into fine particles. (Pretty much the same as air & fuel in a carburetor.)

Baking - Baking is used to speed up the drying of air-drying finishes. Basically applying heat to fresh paint. Sounds simple enough, but extreme caution must be used to avoid damaging the finish.

Basecoat - Highly pigmented paint which requires a coating of clear for protection, durability and gloss.

BC/CC - Base Coat / Clear Coat is the two step process for applying the color first then the shine in the form of the clear coat. This is the process that will yeild the best results for gloss, depth, shine, etc. Method used by all quality shops.

Blending - A spraying technique that tapers the finish or color so that slight differences cannot be distinguished. Merging one color into another. Tapering the color allows the old finish to show through the new color. This is how the shop matches the color so they don't have to paint the whole car.

Body Filler/Bondo - An activated polyester type material used on bare substrate or over primer to fill in dents in damaged auto body parts. Can be sanded and moled. With fillers, the key is moderation

Booth - Enclosure used to paint a vehicle. Will have air moving through it at all times keeping overspray under control. Will have proper lighting and a fire suppression system.

Contaminants - The Enemy! Any object, such as polish, wax, tree sap, tar, oil, etc. that would damage the paint film or spoil the adhesion of a new paint film. If your new bumper has oils on it the new paint wont stick!

Cut-In - Painting of the inside edges of new parts before installation on the car.

Curing - Term used to explain the hardening process of paint. Basically "drying" but all the way through each layer of paint. Some paint can take as long 60 days to fully cure.

DA - Dual action - refers to a power tool used for sanding. No you can't sand the whole car with it!

Etching Primer - A primer which etches itself into a surface for good adhesion. Used on Aluminum, fiberglass, etc. This MUST be used on any bare metal surface! Or you will have poor adhesion!

Fan – Shape of the paint pattern as it comes out of the gun and strikes the surface. The key is to adjust the fan pattern to maximize the spray application and minimize overspray.

Flat - No gloss. Not Shiny.

Guide Coat-A light coat of contrasting color sprayed on prior to sanding a panel. This this layer of paint is removed while sanding and acts as a guide showing low and high places in the surface indicating when the panel is prepared properly.

HVLP - High Volume Low Pressure - Type of spraying system that uses a high volume of low-pressure air to atomize and apply material to a surface. Reduces over spray of product into the atmosphere. Basically, the less air pressure, the more paint that comes out.

Isocyanate - Additive that is part of many paint hardeders. Has been found to be injurious to the lungs. Basically stands for Isolated Cyanide. Poison. :eek Spray with a mask!

Masking - Areas which are not to be painted are covered with a material, usually paper, tape or plastic, that prevents spray from coating the surface. If you can take the part off instead of masking it, you should take it off.

Metallic - Paint (usually silver) containing particles of metal that makes the finish sparkle.

Mil – (0.001 inch), the measure of the paint film buildup on the surface being coated. Basically the thickness of one layer (coat) of paint.

Mist Coat - A coat of paint that is applied very lightly in a fast sweeping motion, for instance mist coating metallics and pearls can make the particles stand up and achieve a brighter appearance. Also used for evening out metallics to reduce mottling.

Mottling - Blotches/stripes in paint caused by uneven metallic or mica particles in the finish.

Overspray – Excess spray that misses the surface being painted. The stuff that floats in the air when you paint. Will stick to anything unprotected.

Pearls - Finishes which include mica flakes in addition to the pigment and binder. Can change the color, add tint, etc.

Sealer- A coating sprayed prior to the top coats that can help with color coverage but normally will be used for helping to hide sand scratches and also help prevent the top coats from shrinking into a more porous substrate like primer.

Single Stage - A one-step paint procedure of applying color gloss and durability in one application. No clear is used. The clear is already mixed in the paint. Usually single stage paints don't last very long. Maaco is infamous for doing single stage jobs.

Tack Rag - A special cloth used to remove dust and other contaminants from a panel immediately before it is sprayed. The rag is impregnated with a sticky non-drying varnish.


More will be added later. It's late.
Any corrections, additions, PM me.
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