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Just wanted to let everyone on here know that we are going to start carrying Password:JDM stuff as well as all types of JDM parts. Also wanted to let you guys know that on September 10th were going to be holding a meet at our store where you guys can come in and purchase/order JDM parts. We will be offering special pricing for you guys. I know people on here are not interested in the "rice" parts for their cars, and thats the main reason that I have gotten the owner to approve of the partnership with password:jdm. Just come down on that day to meet us, as we are very knowledgeable about most engine modifications and tuner/JDM parts. Hey you guys might even want to get a nice radio for your cars (seeing as how many people have ipods now). But let me know asap so that I can let the owner know that we definatly have people interested in this. One more thing, if anyone is interested in motors or motorswaps soon we will be carrying JDM motors (Type-R, K-Series, GSR, LS, B20B) and parts for them. So if this sparks any ideas let me know so that we can appeal to you guys alittle more.

Website: Autosound Motorsports And Accessories
Phone #: 732.422.8899
Address: 3158 Route 27
Kendall Park, NJ 08824
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