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Aux. Lights Help

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I was use my aux. light on and off a lot and one day both of then stop working, when I turned them on they that when I noticed it. Is it just the bulbs or something else?
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both lights could have been out..i dont know if a fuse controlls that though. Try to get new bulbs, thatl probably work. if not look at the fuse box
But y would both go dead at the some time? Are they connected together and not a wire that was split?
I dont think that they are connected together, thats why the fuse would be the second option. Try to get the aux bulbs at pep boys (like 5 bucks).
I check the fuse and that isn't it so I guess I will try that ty
There are 2 fuses for the aux lights. One controls the relay and the other is for the actual lights.
where would the other one be? the one I check was in the on next 2 the streering
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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