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Hey everyone!

I recently had the privilege to shoot the Shift S3ctor Airstrip Attack event again. I'm really excited to share this video with fellow car enthusiasts! It's 9 minutes long and has something for everyone.

As always, I make these for you guys, enjoy!

Aventador vs. MP4-12C, GTR Alpha 10 vs. GT 900, Ford GT vs. Gallardo, C6 z06 vs. V12 Vantage Shift S3ctor Airstrip Attack 2013 on Vimeo

Here are the races!
TT Gallardo vs. V12 Vantage, Z28 Camaro vs. Shelby Super Snake, Ford GT vs. Gallardo, TT 370ci Camaro, C63 vs. 430 Scuderia, C6 z06 vs. V12 Vantage, Ford GT vs. Nissan GTR, TT Ford GT vs. Mustang GT, Supercharged SLS vs E63, GTR Alpha 10 vs. GT 900 GTR, English Racing/ETS GTR, E63 vs. 300 SRT8, Gallardo Superleggera, Aventador vs. MP4-12C.
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