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Axle problems...

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I bent my passenger side axle the other day... I'm not sure if I should just get another stock one or if I should get an aftermarket one. Does anyone know any companies that make aftermarket axles that'll take a beating ??
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dang good axles

i've had the same problem with my car. i've snapped an axle after about 60ft. in the eigth mile. what i've done is some crazy spending. the way i solved this problem is spend about 1500 on moroso axles and 1200 on the control arms in the front. it's a budooga amount of dough but your problem will be solved.
I'm sorry I didn't specify that I have a B18C1.
try, they make upgraded axels for Hondas/Acuras. How much HP are you pushing? Just asking because you might be better off with stock axels.
rgt now i'm only running about 10 lbs.
I'm getting my other block resleeved in a few weeks. Then when I get it back i'm gonna rebuild again and run whatever I can on pump gas. I'm figuring 400+ So I dont think the stock axles will last very long.
Driveshaftshop is great. And, they have great customer service and stand behind their products. One of my friends bought a set of axles from them and we went to the track and broke one about a week later. They had a replacement for us THE NEXT DAY! Way cool when a vendor stands behind what they sell.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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