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Hi everyone!!!
R8cergirl Clothing will be conducting another NASA track meet next month. Last time we had 5 girls show up (which is not bad) and we had an awesome time! Sunday, some of us went back to watch more roadracing, drifting, and me and Rose tried out the track for 30min (just $10, no helmet).
On May 7/8, we will have a booth (and be selling R8cergirl gear.) Any of you girls who have not turned in your Team R8cergirl application, please turn them in May 7th, and those who want to join, please e-mail me [email protected].
I have not seen very many females (just 1 in a Miata) on on the tracks roadracing. Great thing is that you get an instructor, and LEARN how to take on the corners! This is great for those who want a challenge set aside from 1/4 mile, drag racing. If you want to race, go to Joe Vaccaro heads the AZ chapter. He is considering also starting a NASA Auto-X. He is still trying to find someone to take charge of this.
We need more Honda/Acuras out there, it's a shame to see more Nissan 240's, Miatas, and Porches there! What in the world is wrong with this picture???!!!
C'mon out all AZ female racers!!! It will be fun!!! Tell the guys as well!!!
WHEN: Sat. May 7th 11:00am (if you want to try out the track for 30 min, be there on time to register before 11:30am) Come back Sunday to watch drifting in addition to roadraces.
WHERE: Phoenix Int'l Raceway, Avondale, AZ (Take Avondale Blvd S of I-10 fwy West if from Downtown, Tempe, or North Valley, and those west of Avondale Blvd, go east until you reach Avondale Bl and go south) LOOK for the R8CERGIRL BOOTH.
ADMISSION: no charge to spectate. To race, go to
ALSO, bring your own food, drinks, snacks, and chairs to hang out. Cameras and camcorders ok. There is a Burger King, Fry's Food, Subway, and Checkers Auto Parts on Avondale Blvd @ MC85.
GOT QUESTIONS? e-mail me [email protected] or call (602)391-3573
Here's a photo of our last meet:
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