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Race victories are still top priority for BAR-Honda in 2005 in spite of its appalling start to 2005 according to team principal Nick Fry.

Neither BAR has finished a race this season, and British ace Jenson Button, who struggled with a lack of grip last weekend, was unable to match the front-runners pace throughout the Bahrain Grand Prix.

But Fry claims the team canl improve for the start of the European season in Imola at the end of the month.

"We need to regroup and implement both aerodynamic performance improvements and reliability measures before Imola," he said.

"We plan to kick off the European season with some points.

"The team remains focused on our goal of winning a race this season and with 16 rounds to go and knowing the depth of resource, skill and strength of character in our team, we can still meet our objective."

BAR technical director Geoff Willis was angry that points had been lost due to a lack of reliability in Bahrain.

Takuma Sato's brakes failed at half distance while Button had gearbox problems.

"This sort of reliability is not typical of us and we will get to the bottom of it," said Willis.

"It is not ideal, but I think we will just have to draw a line under it and start from scratch when we get to Europe."

"Obviously we are not happy with Takuma's retirement.

"We had runaway brake wear with his car with not a lot of warning, so there is a straightforward solution to that - material properties - so we will not be using that material again for racing."

A dejected Button, who lost his temper with Honda in Malaysia after oil failures eliminated him and team-mate Anthony Davidson after three laps, has once again called for better reliability.

"The pace wasn't too bad but we need to work on the reliability at the moment.

"That's the biggest thing we are going to be testing next week.

"We will have a stronger car for Imola but we know it's just working on the reliability at the moment."
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