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B,D,H,F,Hybrid STUFF...

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pics are available for serious buyer.

97 F22b1 SOHC VTEC 40k. Longblock ONLY. NO tranny or ECU. $550 + Shipping

96 B18B1 LS Head 22k. Complete accept for Dist. $200 + Shipping

98 Prelude Alternator 20k w/Unorthodox underdrive pulley. $125 + Shipping

96 Accord Non-VTEC Distributor 48K. $125 + Shipping

99 GSR 5spd ECU obd2. $200 + Shipping

95 GSR Rods 50K. Perfect Condition Guarenteed. $100 + Shipping

95 LS Pistons/Rods 60K. Pefect Condition Guarenteed. $75 + Shipping

OEM 97 H22 Axles ??mileage but in excellent condition. Very tight. $150 + shipping

Stock 00 Hatch Cat-Back Exhaust (New) $100 + Shipping

ACT HeavyDuty Pressure Plate with Street/Strip Disc. Went Turbo, so I upgraded. Still in good condition. Approx 50+% of life left. $75 + Shipping.

88-91 Si ECU w/PYR chip $150 shipped

94+ Integra Full Size Dual Core Radiator Mint, less than 1000miles and comes with both fans. $150 plus shipping

Del-Sol Half Wide Dual Core Radiator Mint, 5000miles, NO fan.

98 GSR Power Steering Pump (this pump is needed for 6g B-series Hybrids) only14K $150 + shipping.

GSR ShortBlock car had 80K. we put a built motor in the car it came from. it did have a blown headgasket, but no signs of oil smoke. $300+shipping.

99 GSR 1/2shaft $100 + shipping

90-93 Teg 1/2shaft for 4g B-series Hybrids.... $125+shipping
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do you still have the gsr short block for sale?
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