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well my b20z2 is starting to get sluggish, more then usual with my high weight to power ratio. im trying to trouble shoot, so im having hesitation when trying to accelerate, it just slowly goes, sometimes it will down shift and fly. and just seems really sluggish and my MPG has sucked, the power seems to be there when i start with the shifter in 1, then wait till i hit red, take my foot off the gas go to 2 and repeat, and then drive as if i were driving a manual. it seems to be getting more sluggish over time. and when i take my foot off the gas, it takes a while for the RPMs to decline.

here is what i think it might be, please elaborate and give suggestions.

-valves need adjusting
-need new plugs, im thinking NGK R's. right now im using bosh platinum.
-new plug wires (NGK brand)
-new rotor and cap, from honda dealer.
-fuel filter
-switch back to mind (plus) grade.
-change oil, and filter
-move to a synthetic light weight oil such as 5w-20 instead of 5w-30
-new injectors
-im missing my down stream o2 sensor (contacted local honda dealer and they said that the down stream would only cause a CEL and have no performance issues, i dont believe that)

i have tried google, and im sure all the answers are spread out over this site, but with the search button not working and the fact that i dont want to bring up dead threads compels me to start this one.

thank you for any help, and yes i know a CRV is no powerhouse by any means, im just having a loss of performance. and i have checked pcv valve, tried using a fixed orifice (always open) pcv valve but that caused idle surging.
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