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b16 b17 b18 GSR PARTS CHEAP!

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Hello everyone,

Heres a list of everything being sold, all parts are in good, functioning condition unless otherwise noted


1995 USDM b18c GSR head for sale: 600 dollars + shipping
(pretty firm but will humour decent offers)

includes: full head, cams, intake manifold, most sensors, throttle body ( an additional 50 dollars for the T.B) valve cover, vtec solenoid

water pump and oil pump included for no additional cost!

b16 SIR II second Gen wiring harness.. pretty hacked up.
Best offer!

Fully functional JDM TPS in EXCELLENT condition- first 50 bux takes it !

b16a intake manifold - best offer ( will take probably anything)

that's it for now folks email SERIOUS INQUIRIES TO [email protected]
I will not be checking this post so please email is the key!
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