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B16A Question

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Hey guys i am building up a B16A from a 88-91 civic Si-R from Japan. I can't find a gasket kit here in america to fit theis engine. What engine should i order that will match this engine??
Delsol Si VTec engine?

Oh yeah and they make 3 different gasket kits for the 94, 95, 96/97 Delsol VTec engines, i am at a loss, what should i do??

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i would order it for the B16A1 because thats what it is correct?
B16a1. The Vtec Del Sol that was in the states was a b16a2
actually the VTEC Sol was a b16a3, the civic si was the b16a2

i got my gasket kit from Performance Direct for $150 , ask for mike
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