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Well looks like it's time for the all holy b series swap for my civic. I want to order from Hmotors and they offer the SIRII B16a for 2250 which isn't bad. I have a few questions before I order this motor.

1) My car is wired for vtec-e can I reuse this for the b16 vtec?

2) My car has a 2 wire iacv, this is what I need/want for the b16 swap right?

3) My primary o2 like the VX is 5 wire, how will I change this to the 4 wire the b16 uses?

4) I want to change the car to obd I. (no emissions where I live) I know you need a harness for the ECU and some plugs on my current harness have to be spliced with the harness that comes with the motor, but which ones? Someone has told me the dizzy and injectors anythign else?

5) My car has an EGR, will this make me run into problems with the swap?

Thanks for any help guys, I've searched so many forums and google, but HX info is very limited.
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