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b16a throttlebody on crx si engine

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Hey, I have a b16a throttlebody sitting around and was
wondering if it would fit on my crx si d16a6 intake manifold.
It looks as if it would fit but i'm not really sure. What do you
guys know about that. Thanks
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It might I have no idea but it won't do anything for you unless you have a pretty highly modified motor. And even then your talking about like 5 hp or so. It will however give you quicker throttle reponse but you would have to blend the intake plenum into the throttle bodies size to get any noticable difference which is again next to nothing.

When I had a A6 in my car we put a 3.2 V6 Legend throttle body on the intake manifold and the throttle response was wicked and we picked up some bottom end torque too. But everything was free as far as parts and the welding labor cost $40 so It was worth it but I would never go to great lengths to buy the parts which would be expensive and do it again unless it was needed for a special application.

BTW: I think the 3.2 has about a 70mm diameter not 55mm or whatever a little B16 TB has. Also ran a bit more fuel and timing to get a noticable gain. The rest of the engine was stock at the time.
wont work
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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