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B16A2 Engine Swap

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I have a question regarding an engine swap for my 94 Civic. I wanted to know if B16A2 99'SI engine swap would be a good choice and how much would it cost roughly for engine and labor? Anyone has done this swap? I would appreciate your comments.

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A good low mileage engine runs around $3500.
Labor is another $1000 most places.

That engine price includes everything you will need. The only problem you will have is you are going to need an adapter. The engine you have is OBD-I, the one you are going to put in is OBD-II. So it might cost a little more. But trust me, it is worth it.:p
If you dont want to have to worry about the adapter you could get the obd-1 jdm b16a2 which is what i'm getting. Plus it has 10 more hp then the 99-00 si engine and is a heck of alot cheaper. You can get it from for $2350 complete swap.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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