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I just did my B16A2 DOHC Vtec engine swap on my civic and th 160 hp with my Iceman, Ractive catback and DC headers kick ass. It is really fast now. I paid $2,800 for everything including tranny, ECU, A/C compressor and bigger radiator and new Performance CLuth...quite a deal ah? Yet I have a couple of questions:

-There is a check engine light on the dash lit that doesn't go off.Is there a way to fix this? Is is a sensor problem?
-The car makes a whistle at the wheels on 1st and 2nd gear but then it goes normal while accelerating.
-While stopped, the rpm moves from 1,000 to 2,000 without accelerating it, that is at stop, from 1,000to 2,000 back and forth and the car accelerates by itself while stoped.
-The clutch is weird on 1st gear, it takes the car off but shaking the chasis competely on this because the clutch is new? and how long should I wait until I can race this clutch badly...? can'twait.

All replies and suggestions will be appreciated. Keep racing....
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