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b16a2 question

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I have a 98 civic ex and i wanna drop an b16a2 in there.i now have automatic transmission. i found a complete changeover kit on hondamotorsonline for 2350..has anyone found a better deal else where? Also, will this kit and engine be an easy swap, and convert me to standard 5 speed? Finally, what is a good deal for installion on work of this nature?
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you will still need things like clutch master cylinder, clutch hard lines, the clutch pedal, the brake pedal...
possibly a shifter and linkage if those arent in with the swap.
that price is about as cheap as i have seen for a hydro tranny b16 swap.
you may also need a transmission mount bracket for a 5 spd tranny as well..i know for the 92-95 civics you do, and i assume it is the same for the later ones....

one thing to consider also is whether the engine is obd1 or obd2...i assume at that price its obd1...

installation will range from $800 and up depending on what obd it is, and so on...i am guessing that labor will be between $1200-1500 including the 5 spd conversion, plus the cost of parts for the conversion, those parst should cost around $200 for used and up to $500 for new parts...
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