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B18 (gsr) in 96 hb civic

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I have just changed my old 89 dx for more recent 96 cx HB. But like my old civic i not very fast its even slower. So i want to put Gsr Teg engine in it. I've many ''Walktrought'' on the internet but i would to be sure on the parts that i have to buy. I Know that, for the motor that i'm gonna buy (96+gsr) i need: engine, tranny, ecy, shafts, all gsr mounts but the upper rear wich needs to be replace by a 99+civic si or 94+crv, shift linkage for the teg. And as of now this is my shopping list. Please tell me if i'm missing something. And, i need a good place were i can find good info on those damn electronics.... thx i advance
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sounds like you got everything :)

yea i did an obd1 94 grs into my 99 hatch ... it is a bitch good you have gone with 96 or above... well i had one problem after the swapp was done and that was with my damn exhaust ... well my cat was welded on to my dx motor headers... so i have to buy a new cat and cut a few inches off my cat back ... other than that good luck .. and let me know how it turns out
check out hybrid perforcance for some good info ...
I will, i will. But here were i live, i don't need no cat...Cops don't give a f**k if you don't do to much noise:)
it should be a clean swap for you.
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