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b18 on 8lbs of boost....?

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im considering going from a zc turbo to a ls turbo. i currently have a sohc zc turbo with a t3super60 / intercooled setup on 8lbs. wats the average hp to the wheels for a ls motor on 8lbs of boost?
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tune it and find out... it depends on the fuel setup youll be running... you might be able to get an extra pound of boost out of it...
At the moment how fast is your car? Done a 1/4 or had her on the dyno? If not do you beat dohc vtecs with ease? ;)
i would put a bigger turbo then t3 on the ls...
i beat a lot of dohc vtecs...depends on how heavily modded the are. turbonetics t3super60 is pretty much similar to a stage 1 t3t4 turbonetics turbo. this is a perfect street turbo that is capable of handling 20-22 lbs of boost
Glad to here it. Should have my car back from mechanic on saturday next. Some people are saying a integra with the b18c with i/H/e would beat a car with my setup most of the time what do you reckon?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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