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b18 turbo in 5g hatch

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i have all the parts and am wondering wether or not the intercooler piping will fit in the 5g hatch i say yes my friend thinks no i know ill need a new down pipe but besides that i think it would work
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Now this is what I've heard, please someone correct me if I'm wrong. 2.5 in downpipe should be fine. 3 in will sacrifice your AC. I'm curious myself for my future turbo'ing needs of my LS swap
This is a full turbo set from like Greddy, FMAX, etc. for a specific car? Or was this customized also for a different car? Unless you're going to buy a Full set, you'd pretty much be stuck with Crush bend piping unless you know someone who can do mandrel. Most muffler shops don't.
Well now that is one that I'm not sure of. I would suspect that the pipings would not fit, especially if it came with an intercooloer. The 5G hatch back has the radiator/AC mounts in different locations than the Integra, so mounting the intercooler would need to be done in different locations. Where the pipings much travel to get to the intercooler from the turbo may be different from an Integra body to the Civic Chassis. Now this is only theory, so if someone would...please clarify if you've has this experience before.
if you're not going to use AC ( meaning you are going to remove it from the engine bay) then you should be fine. But like the other guy said your radiatior may make the placing of the i/c a little bit difficult. shouldn't have too many problems tho
im using the gsr radiator with a fal fan
Just go ahead and try it. No harm in trying at all. If it doesn't work then it is easy to buy new piping that will fit your hatch.
easy maybe but how about price
just try it, we had trouble with the intercooler also.
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