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jai si said:
Hey guys what's up. I was thinking about getting a turbo for my car pretty soon. I'm running a b18 with stock internals right now. What would be some good mods (internally) to do before i throw the turbo on? And what kind of turbo would you suggest. I want something thats gonna rip a lot of domestics apart, not to mention some imports. Thanks.
9.0:1 compression pistons, rods, valves, cam gears, decked and o-ring block, ductile iron sleeve, port and polish head, intake manifold :)

t3/t4 turbo, Blitz fmic, HKS wastegate and bov, Blitz sequential boost controller, biger throttle body, three inch down pipe, HKS titanium cf hyper 75mm exhaust:)

MSD Digital 7 ignition, 550cc injector, Paxton fuel pump, fuel regulator, fuel rail:)

Motec m8 or (if youre on a budget) Accel 7.0 DFI, Blitz SBCi-D boost controller, power meter, turbo timer :)

thats should get you started :) if you have more money , you can start on building a ls/vtec :)
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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