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B18-Which Car?

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I have a B18A1 in my old 90 integra that was wrecked in the rear end. It was totaled out so I am thinking about using the motor out of it. But I have a problem.

Which car do I put it in? My 95 EX or My 88 Si.

The other problem is that it was an automatic and i dont have a spare ys1 lying around and noone will seperate the motor and transmission in a swap type deal. If i can get ahold of a ys1 or any b-series trans for that matter (cheaply) i will probably be putting it in one of my cars.

Up until now i was thinking of putting it in my EX and then putting the D16Z6 in the Si.

What do you guys think?
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Personally, I'd put it in the Si, but that's partly because of emissoins issues - unless you can find the stuff to convert it to OBD-I (not II) for the 95 chassis, you may have trouble getting an emissions sticker if your state looks at that kind of stuff (texas doesn't yet, but they're going to start in a couple of months.. ugh).

Besides.. the Si is lighter, and trust me, that B18A has a LOT more torque than the D16.

FWIW - there's 2 D16's and a B18A in my driveway right now ;) 90 Integra LS 5 speed (one roommate's), 94 Civic EX auto (other roommate's), and my 96 Civic EX 5 speed. The 'teg runs away and hides from the 94, and stomps the crap out of my car off the line (I can stay with him in 2nd/3rd though). All that's been done to the 'teg, engine wise, is a high flow muffler and homemade ram air (I have an AEM CAI and high flow muffler on my car)

I originally bought the 88 Si to put the b18a in but i came across a killer deal on a d16a6 block and head (40 bucks) so i put them back together with a rebuild kit and it runs good. I mainly rebuilt it so i would have a spare engine mainly the bottom end for my ex because the bottom end in it is making some wierd noises when i first start it in the mornings.

if i can find a trans i will prob put it in the crx but it will take longer because i will have to get an ef-18 kit and i really dont have the funds right now.

oh yeah....i havent heard of GA requiring emissions checks yet but i wouldnt be surprised if they did soon.

My 95 ex also surprised me the other night. I raced a 92 GS-R and i beat him...Twice. He is a good friend of mine and i could hear him shifting right beside me almost perfectly. His engine was sounding really sweet with his short ram intake tho! I could hear every time he hit vtec but i still stayed in front.
heh, most short rams don't do a hell of a lot of good IMO... cold air all the way for me ;)

good price on the motor... I need to start looking for either another motor or a rebuild kit for mine - the motor supposedly only had 17k when it went in (up to about 60k now), but it's got a little knock when it's cold and blows a little blue smoke when I punch it ;(

one thing I really don't like about my roommate's 90 LS - the gearing is whacky in it. Going down the highway in 5th, it spins close to 4000 rpm at 70-75 mph (mine's about 3300 or so).

oh yeah... the 92-93 GSR's are quick, but not as quick as newer GSR's.. smaller motor (1.7, wtf?) doesn't help. short ram intakes suck IMO too - when I had a short ram, it felt like I actually lost power compared to the original intake. (I have an AEM CAI now though)
88 si.
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