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I've got a high milage 1990 Integra (b18a1) that could use a complete rebuild.

I'm well aware of the compression issues of using civic type r, and integra type r pistons in the motor, but I want to know wether or not I am going to need to shave 1mm of material off of the connecting rods?

Or is this only for b16s and b17s?

Hey where is the best place to get head gasket, oil pan gasket, head bolts, and bearings (mains and rods possibly) for this motor? Dealerships, Napa, online stores?

Thanks! :D

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as far as the not going to check on it for you though..ill let you know far as gaskets...napa, auto zone, pep boys..they will be cheaper than the dealer adn your getting the same thing no matter where you go...if your buying main bolts I'd upgrade to an ARP you in the long run if your planning on heavily moding your car
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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