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b18a swap in 91crxsi

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Does anyone know if there are any wireing differences at all, when putting the 91 b18a into a 91 crxsi. From what i know there is no differences. We are getting codes that we shouldent be getting, cant pinpoint the problem. Has anyone doen this swap before? Thanks
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what codes are you throwing?

the kinds of codes i am getting are 6, 8,9,and 10. It makes no sense becuase all of those parts are good. Any suggestions at all would be great
if its throwing those codes then obviously those parts arent good....what regulator did you use?
he is using a B&M fuel pressure, venom fuel pump. maybe the coollant sensor and the intake air sensor could be bad, but codes 8 and9 are both for the distributor which I pulled offmy integra. my teg runs fine. This should have been a very simple swap is what is pissing me off.
not the fuel regulator, the voltage regulator....the little grey box in the right hand corner of the engine bay, up on the firewall (if you are looking at the engine from the front of the car)
are you talking about for the fuel injectors? the resistor box? I don't see any other grey boxes. Do I need an integra resistor instead of a cxr si?
i would have recommended putting it in stock to make sure everything worked, then upgrade from there, because aftermarket parts may throw things off, jus my opinion, but i can't help you here
I think I have a teg one laying around. i'll go try that..
that's not the problem. The wiring for the dist. is sometimes a bit different. meaning just some of the wiresare at different spots. What year is the engine? and the dist? What wiring di d you use. And the resistor box doesn't matter you could use one from a Prelude or Accord too. They are all the same and all have the same resistance value. Because they all use the same size injectors (240CC) GIve me more info and maybe I can help.
we got a different dist and reset the ecu. noneof the codes have returned. I got an ignition spark tester so i can check to make sure all the plugs are firing. I think the fule pump stopped working because I can't get the pressure over 40 and it is dropping below 30 when trying to start. That makes things very hard. it is a venom.

swap is 91 integra into 91 si.
THIS is weird

after double checking everything: ignition, fuel, wiring.... we cleaned the spark plugs and clenaed out the cylinders, things which we have been doing all week, then we talked nice to the b18 and told it about getting it a sweet turbo and nos setup and how we promise to never run the engine lean and we wouldn't abuse it. then it started. pretty quick..

thanks for helping me.
another swapped rex is now on the road!!
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