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b18b, b18c1, b18c5

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ok b18b, b18c1, b18c5 k i got the b18c5 k in my del sol. out of those three motor what is all around best motor. whats best to do a t/c or s/c. whats best to run nos on it. im not think of getting a new motor im jw seeing what choice i had bf i bought my itr motor. i want to do the 1/4 miler the car going to be daliy driven so like i hear to go all motor but i want to go tyms for the 1/4 miler my buget is close to 10k. what do u think i sould do to the motor with the buget. tanks
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If you want to go NA you can go with bigger cams, cam gears,springs and retainers,CTR pistons, intake manifold, ECU, lighter flywheel, clutch, ignition system, FPR and fuel rail, spoon or muguen 1 layer head gasket.

If you want to go turbo´I recomend getting the DRAG GEN 3 turbo kit and 310 injectors a J&S safe gaurd, MSD 6btm or crane came Hi6TRC ignition system and clutch.

If you want to go nitrous then get a direct port 60 or 70 shot, 270 injectors, ignition system and FPR and clutch.

all these have good advantages as long as they are properly tuned.
if you want to go "all motor" I'd go with the B18C5.
If you want to go Turbo then I'd say fully build B18B. The LS motor is ebxt for Turbo or you could even go Turbo on teh GSR 18C1 motor. I'dj sut built the motor though if you go Turbo.
For Nos I'd go GSR or B18C5. But I'm nbot too fond of NOS. IT kills your engine. And yes you can use it wisely and safe and have no problems with it. But I'm jsut a bigger fan of TURBO myself.

Good Luck!!
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