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B18c in 92 auto civic

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I just wanted some advice on droping a b18c or b18c5 in my 92 civic lx. I have a d15b7 and was wondering if my trany would fit on a b18, and if it did would my trany be able to handle it? Another thing.... is it a big hassel to convert to vtec, you know changing my computer and all? Or would it be just better to get some nos or a Super charger? Is it worth it because my friend says that his sohc is faster than his dohc, he has a 93 civic dx and a 99 civic ex, both with mods.:p
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my girl just got her 93 ex a gsr 5 spd dropped in...its amazing the difference it made...the only hard part was teaching her to drive stick in less than 2 days.
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