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I will be buy and putting in a B18C5 in my 93 Honda Del Sol Si. I will probabky get it from it includes Complete Head, block, intake + exhaust manifolds, all sensors, distributor, injectors, alternator, starter, throttlebody, fuel rail, ECU, Transmission w/clutch components (assembled to engine), Axles + Intermediate shaft, Shift linkage, Stock OEM engine mounts. What else would I need? and other things I should know?
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money to install it;)....actually I think thats all you need, If I think of something else I´ll let you know
thats a cool swap, but mine will still be faster!! hehe jk
I have a D16Z6 with is just a SOHC VTEC, I know someone that has a shop so he going help me do the swap but they don't know a lot about hondas. How long would it take to do it?

You'll need the shift linkage for sure..
You'll either need custom axels, or you can use a combo setup. For more info, go to Take a look at their swap section. They have a lot of info to help you out there with the swap.
Del_Sol_SiR said:
thats a cool swap, but mine will still be faster!! hehe jk
What kinda times you running with that set up??
just so ya don't confuse the guys when ordering, B18C5 is the USDM ITR engine, B18C-R is the JDM.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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