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I'm ordering either a B20 CRV motor or a B16 today. I already had a B16 swap in my car (91 LS TEG) but I had thrown a rod through my block. So I guess my questions are?

1. Would my header, intake, intake manifold, pulleys, lightened flywheel, and cam gears hook up to the B20 or would they be useless?

2. Since my car is already setup for a B16 swap what would I need to do to get the B20 in there? I.E. different axles, different ECU, different distributor, different injectors, different tranny (had YS1)? If I can just drop a B20 in I'd rather do that because I already have a VTEC head and I could do CRVTEC later on down the road.

3. Could I use my PR3 ecu before I do the CRVTEC conversion so I don't have to buy two ECU's??
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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