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B20/VTEC reving question...?

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Waz up?
I know there has been many question about this swap, but the thing i can't find out or firgure is , if a b16 or b18 head can rev up to 8-9k mod. How can a b20 block hold that if it only meant to rev to 6-7k ( not sure on redline). What is need to build thie motor correctly without worrying when you might blow it up. And what ecu do you use for this set-up? I know proper pistons and rods are one of the things need , But what else is need if your going to boost on this motor?
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DO you need the same set-up for proper build for an LS/vtec if its also not meant to rev high?
Where would you buy oil squiters?
You couldn't put all of that into one post? As for the parts and how-to and stuff, go to
Hopes this helps some!

The revving ability of the B20/VTEC or LS/VTEC (Same concept) depends greatly on rod ratio.
Balance the crank, arp rod bolts, shot peen the rods, maybe a couple other things? Or just build it...
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