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I would say at least 160 to 180hp at the wheels and around 130 to 140tq. Nicely tuned with big cams and port work and some higher compression pistons can net 200+HP at the wheels.

You'll spend about $2000 or a little more for:

Longblock (minus sale of stock B20 head for a few hundred)
Deshrouding of the head (B20 bore is 84mm vs. 81mm on B16/B18 block)
machining dowel pins and head bolt alignment issues
VTEC oil lines
ECU and wiring
Misc such as head gasket and timing belt and such.

Caution: watch the piston-to-valve clearance on this setup. The stock B20B/Z piston valve reliefs are not big enough to clear the B16 valves on the head if you run agressive valve timing +/-4deg from stock.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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