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Back Seat Removal

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A lot of bad things have happened to my Tega lately. Get into it Thursday afternoon and it smells like mewdew, so I touch the front seat floorboard sure enough its soaked. I assume it was just a water bottle I left on the floor leaked and it sat there for a week. But that isnt the case. I looked in the wheel well in the trunk and its full of water. I hydrovaced all of it out but then I found out my back seats are damp, the FOAM inside of the bottom part of the seat is wet. How do I get these damn seats out? And Im pretty sure the leak is coming from the back end of the car, any ideas where it might be?
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I would check the rubber seals around your hatch.
You can pull the back seat bottom out by lifting up the back edge and removing the 10mm bolt that holds the seat in. Its a tight spot and you might have to fold the back part forward a little to see the bolt.
2Wracer could you email me at [email protected] please?
it sounds like the seal on your hatch is leaking
to remove the back seats, first remove the carpet that is on the back. next fold one of the seats down and at the pivit point there is a plastic clip, use a pair of pliers to get it out and do the same for the other side. then push the driver side rear seat out from the center and remove it and the pull the passenger side one out. last remove the 10mm bolt holding the bottom in and just pull it out...and thats all
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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