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back window spidering???

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i was at the local shop today, and they told me that if my window was half down, that because of the body flex of the del sol, that eventually it would spider up and bust the back window, esp hitting vtec around a sharp turn....the owner of the shop told me that he saw it done in SCCA like not even 2 mins into the run. Ne one hear of this?????

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I've never heard of that. Cars do go through a bit more stress in racing type events but to cause the window to break is odd to me. Anyone else have any idea? :confused:

The rear window isn't directly attached to the body. It "floats" on bushings. So this means the rear window on the sol is NOT stressed by torsional forces.

While his argument may be true, although extreemly rare, for coupes and hatches it doesn't apply to the sol because of it's unique rear window design. Maybe it has happened on a POS Fiero or MR2 but not on a sol.

I just asked one of my friends that works at Honda and he confirmed that this has NEVER been reported! There are absolutley no reported cases of the rear window busting, or even cracking for that matter, due to stress. Obviously it has happened in accidents but that's a whole different story. ;)
people see stuff happen once all the time and decide its a "common problem" and usually they dont own the type of vehicle their talking about
I've submitted my sol to really hard driving and you know what? This little car holds up very well. I've raced with top off, top on, windows up, windows down etc. I've never had any problems with it.

And you know what? The 2000 USTCC champion, the killer bee del sol, didn't break it's rear window either. And that sol can corner much better than mine too!

You have to be careful when you listen to some people. Don't trust them. They could have other motives for not liking a paticular car. Maybe this guy is lying and he's trying to prevent you from racing against him. Why? That's anyone's guess. Maybe he's tired of getting his ass kicked by sols? :D

It's happened to me a number of times where guys say this and that about the sol. You know the usual: The body flexes alot, it's badly built etc. Until I go out on the track and smoke them. Then they just shut up!

A certain guy with a 'teg Type R comes to mind. Yes... I have smoked a Type R in solo2 racing. Funny eh? :D
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A friend of mine poped the window off the track but the windows didn't brake...
i kinda agree

im sure he might have seen it break, but he was telling me how that was one of the reasons why honda stopped making it etc etc..i didn';t believe all the bs...but...anyway..


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