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you didnt try to re-crank the starter after, did you? there may be a small chance that its ok, but doubtful. bent valves ftl.

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I've got a good shape head! LMK if you want it, good valves! $400 shipped! I had a bad night in the lude the other day--rear ended...posting in 5 on that...

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started the full h23 build here is a general idea
Head work.....
arp head studs
cometic head gasket
oem timing belt
oem waterpump
oem timing belt tensioner
supertech valves
crower stage 2 cams
multi angle valve job
cold tank head

Bottom end
crower rods
cp pistons
oem bearings
Oem oil pump
bottome end gasket kit
clean block
polish and champher crakshaft
Darton sleeves

This was taken from my estimate some things may change but this is a starting point.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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