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Bad News.......

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Here goes. The other night i couldn't sleep a wink. not any! i bet the whole night i didnt even get 30 mins of sleep total. Well i went to school, and slept during lunch, then came home as usual. It was valentines day so i got my girlfriend's gifts and left to go see her. she lives 20 min north of hickory, about 50 mins away from me. Everything went great, but on the way home i got sleepy. I rolled down the windows, started singing, and put in a punk cd to try and wake me up. it didn't work. 2 mins from my house, i plowed into the back of a dodge ram.

1. Front bumper ripped in half
2. Radiator pushed back 1.5 - 2 feet.
3. Passenger side headlights (low & high) busted out
4. Fan pushed into header & won't spin
5. Crushed in fender
6. Wheel well is touching drivers side tire on all 3 sides
7. Hoses & lines are pinched so the engine won't run right like it is
8. Hood pushed up in triangle shape, no way to close
9. Busted my new ractive "heat shield" filter lol

his truck has paint on it, thats it.
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Maaaan, sorry to hear that :-(

Good luck getting her up and going again

Do you ever come to Main St in High Point?
never even been to highpoint....
Damn that must suck ass so bad. You should of downshifted a couple of times to give yourself some adrenaline rush ahha.
I'm sorry man. That sucks that it happened. I felt the same way as you when I wrecked my integra. It was 6900 in damage to my car. We are all behind you on this one. I hope things work out alright for you.
g'damn dood...

damn dood, that sucks...

well, hopefully you can get most of that fixed up....

might as well spend that money and get a JDM front end conversion =P

still, sorry to hear what happened....

hope you get things rollin' on fixin' yer car!
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try to look at it from a posotive aspect (extreamly hard, trust me i know! wrecked my parents civic), but you can get a CF hood, and like someone alread said jdm front end conversion, and some of those nifty Z3 finders;). also if you have any money left over you can always mod your car more. did you have full coverage on it?
well, look at the bright side... go to a completely overpriced body shop and have them estimate the price... then get a JDM ITR front end... or you can go back to stock and youll have money left over for nice mods...
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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