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BAD WRECK, need some help, information

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So i was driving right, I was doing my usual Si drifting on a dead hill road where no one uses it. it's a good 2 1/2 minute long drive if you start from beginning. I just recently put on my friends spoon rims with 4 different tires and 1 was bald. I've done this a lot of times and was just trying out his new wheels. Skip the middle and here is the outcome.

Chassis on right side where AC sits is bent a little, the right wheel is tilted inward upward, both side fenders are gone, engine is pushed back just a little but not harmed, radiator blown, from bumper is pushed and bent back. headlights are smashed, hood forms letter L, intake manifold is ok, but y-pipe area is screwd. I turned car off and it wont start anymore. I look at front right tire and it looked like slicks, the left tire looks brand new. It was the tires that got me this time. From information I have, would it be a total wreck? Anyone have a rough estimate?

The whole part from the mirros on back wasnt scratched. My baby is messed up and I really want to fix her back up.
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Oh yeah, also, when I switch gears, its very rough, its like not stepping on clutch hard. Itll go in but after fishing around, 2nd gear is the same, and third, 4th and 5th, reverse, cant even go to. I couldnt take a look at the bottom, well, not yet. thats all i have for now. Ill have pictures of how it looks soon, and how it looked back then.
Yea pics will help........ Ill give you fix price once I see some
Not starting is a bad sign, my car did the same thing when it was in a wreck. The insurance might declare it totalled if the engine is also pushed back lightly.

Good luck
i would say that its is hopefully totalled if you bent the chasis! And i would say deffinately if your airbags diployed.
sounds like you bent back one of the pillars along with the radiator support and the subframe...... Id say its a total as far as insurance goes but you can go to a private frame puller and get the front pulled then repaired the rest of the way at a body shop.... but the best bet let a totaled car stay toteled unless its light enough to be fixed........ as I noted before pics would definetly help but doubt it can be fixed
i'd also say its totaled.
BUm, strip and sell parts on eBay. lol, I think Lx_Coupe did this after he hit a lady and his car was dicked over. He sold his parts here on SHO though.
It'll vary from one insurance co to another, but usually if the cost of repair is over 1/3 of the value of the car, it'll be totalled.

I had one wreck when my car rolled into a tree, the total damages were around $5000 which was borderline on their policy. It was repaired and almost in the same condistion, but it'll never be the same.

The only way to find out what the insurance will do is talk to 'em.
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