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The check engine light is due to the Code 13- baro sensor. I was looking around in my helmic book and I can not find where it is locatedin the car. It said that I have a bad baro sensor from the code I got at auto zone-code R1106 .
So in summary, check engine light flashes 13, More specific code r-1106( meaning bad sensor) related to the code 13.
I just want to know where it is located so I could replace it.

I was wondering if tuning had to do with the barometric sensor to go off? or the intake pressure is to hot from the turbo?

Civic Si 99
Greddy turbo kit
Apex'i VAFC
Integra Type R JDM intake manifold
fuel pressure regulator
aem fuel rail
mugen exhaust
greddy type s bov
msd 6 ignition
msd blaster ss ex. coil
magnicore 8.5 wires
bosch plati. spark plugs 1 step colder
Skunk 2 cam gears

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It's in the ECU....I read your other post it has nothing to do with the turbo it's probably the VAFC wiring is done wrong. BTW you don't need a VAFC with a GReddy kit. "It's the VAFC turbosi1999, it always has been!"

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Are you using the GReddy blue box? If so, are all your connections soldered? I get that code from time to time, but it hasn't shown its face lately (thank god). There's basically nothing you can do about that code since it has to do with the ECU and the GReddy blue box. Basically, most people with the GReddy kit for the Si's either get the code 13 or 45...
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