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BDC engine question for you.

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I have a question. With current setup (listed below). In your expert opinion what can the D16Y7 engine hold as far as boost pressure on stock internals?

I have heard anywhere from 5.5PSI to 12PSI with proper tuning.
I am Currently boosting 7PSI with no problems as of yet.
Was boosting 9PSI but backed off just to be safe.

I would Appreciate your input on this matter.
Anybody else's thoughts would also be appreciated.
From what I've seen BDC is knowledgable.
Thank you
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9 psi is cool if you tune it might want to think about getting some bigger injectors, like the prelude ones or possibly some DSM ones if you can't afford some aftermarket....your sig doesn't say anything about an exhaust either so that would definetly be something that you would want to look into if your wanting to boost 9psi or even 7psi
yeah it doesnt say exhaust cause i dont run one. bare from the downpipe back,no cat either..........shhhh!dont tell
mhardy said:
...what can the D16Y7 engine hold as far as boost pressure on stock internals?
Well, off-hand I'd say 6-9 PSI should be okay. I wouldn't go over that. More volume gives less density, so there's a trade-off at some point; probably around 9 PSI in your situation. More than 9 PSI will probably lower your air density to the point that you won't get any additional gain in power anyway. It may even lower power in your particular application.

The problem is: increasing air volume through the use of additional boost will also decrease air density because of added air temperature. Volume times density equals mass, and mass is what you are seeking, not simply boost.

Nothing is ever simple! The unknown variable is your chiller. Although it increases air density by decreasing air temperature, it also decreases boost, theoretically allowing you to go above 6-9 PSI, but I don't think it's going to make THAT much difference. I certainly wouldn't pump it up to 12 PSI...

madtownhonda made an excellent comment which needs to be noted. No matter how much additional air you huff, no additional power is going to be made unless additional fuel is added. Fuel is what makes HP, not air. Additional air allows you to burn additional fuel which gives you additional power, so without bigger injectors you're only doing half the job.

If it was me, I would leave my boost at 7 PSI for now and buy some bigger squirters. After installing them [and a FPR if you done so already] then I'd go about playing around with the boost.

Sorry I can't be of more help. There's no pat answer to this question...
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Well, man i think you summed it upi pretty nice.. 'claps' for deuce...
you gave me what i was looking for and then some i appreciate you responding to my post.
keep up the good work...........
i found some 450cc injectors still in the box for 60 bucks i think i may go pick them up.
MHARDY, drop me an email and I will give you more insight about it. Just a short quote. With proper tuning, you can push your engine to the threshold of detonation. Bad tuning on the other hand is :mad:
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