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Best 4-2-1 header?

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I'm lookin into a 4-2-1 ceramic header and my friend is selling his DC 2 piece. Any other good ones that shine on the dyno?
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97Civic_Duty: if you wanna see DC Sports dynoes go to their website.

Also, no headers will give you more than one or two lb-ft gains and the only way they make high horsepower gains is through a 1-2lb-ft gain at extremely high rpm's.... ALL aftermarket headers lose power below about 3000rpm. avalanche: i don't know from experience that headers hurt fuel economy, but since they hurt performance by making the engine less efficient at low rpm's(less fuel gets out at lower rpm's) it would make sense that fuel efficiency also suffers over the same rpm range.

I've posted so many times on this subject, bottom line is headers will help at 5000+ rpm's or with forced induction but they'll hurt low-end performance, always.
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