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Best Boost Controller for buck???

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I have a daily driver GSR and thinking about the Greddy kit, I know there are tons of Boost Controllers from manual to full electronics towards $1k....I drag a couple times a month and would just need it to bump boost up for drag weekends...I saw an Apexi- one looked simple for around $3XX some...any suggestions???

Also for fuel and turbo best choice/cost?

V-AFC ? Or just the AFC? or anyother suggestions??

Keeping stock internals and under 10psi boost...

Thanks a lot and hope someone has some insight to this or has/used some of these products??

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i have the apexi boost controller and i like it. My friends have a greddy and a hks, and they like theirs.
greddy profec b: easy to use
apexi VAFC: perfect for tuning a/f ratios
blackteg- where did you get your 3inch N1? Is this the turbo edition by APEX or did you custom it?
I was trying to make it short it should read:
3inch piping
apex N1
Boost controller info.

Thanks guys for the info, I guess there all pretty good mentioned, not 1 stands out for bang for buck?

I will look into them more....

*I asked about the AFC and VAFC because my brother has an AFC sitting around, but was wondering since I have V-Tec if VAFC would be way better than just AFC or if AFC will work ok???

Thanks for the info' manual boost controller for 50 bucks... only do that if youre going with a small turbo... youll kill your engine if you have a big turbo.... (one that comes on a bolt on kit)
I love my Greddy Profec "A" man this is the ultimate boost controller..
CRXType-R said:
I love my Greddy Profec "A" man this is the ultimate boost controller..
i heard a's are the crappiest... you sure you didnt get a B??? i heard they are the best... lol...
shut ur fucking trap will ya...your just trying to gain popularity here so you can tell everyone one on h o n d a l i f e that your mod...SHUT UP
In case you don`t know, the A has all the features of the B plus more. So if your gonna say something intelligent, BE INFORMED DAMMIT i just cant believe this guy
what are you talking about... youre the first person that ive seen that has said that the profec a is good... btw, ive never even heard of *********...
The good thing about the Profec A is that its fully programable and actually "learns" the turbo performances so that he knows when to adjust wastegate etc in optimal way. Now, it might take you 2-3 hours to learn every aspect of this boost controller due to its complexity, but damn it really worth it. People that call it "crappiest" are the same kinda ppl that don`t set their microwave and stereo clocks...u get the point?
Well, if you don`t know, why post? I know my shit so I post!
im just saying that the profec b is more user friendly... i hope you can agree with that one... you pretty much set it and forget it...
yes I agree with that.
You guys.... always duking it out.

How about some mechanical BCs. Say TurboXs's dual stage boost controller? I've heard good things about it. Simple, very simple.
Stephan Padadakis uses GReddy Profec B. If its good enough for him, its good enough for you. But for us all motor folks ;) , my own car and our SKUNK2 racing integra uses FIELDS SFC VTEC as our boostcontroller:cool: .
you could always just make one for a couple of dollars.
as long as your boosting relatively low, you shouldn't expect problems.
but if you are going to go 12psi or more, i don't think anyone would advise it. the spikes would be horrendous.
redfox, if you want a high/low boost setting, go for the turbo xs, if not, then a 50 dollar option is the joe p boost controller... boostcontroller dot com... ok? you get the picture..
1 - 20 of 24 Posts
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