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Best Hiperwhite bulbs...

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What are teh best hiperwhite/fake hid bulbs out there in terms of light out put? Any one got pics of theirs? Also how much do OEM bulbs cost?

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well....I've tried Luks, MAX, PIAA Super Whites, and PIAA Extremes

Luks: Worst experiece ever! Bulb blew up inside the headlight...headlight has a whole mess of white crap in it now! NOT RECOMMENDED! Price $40/Pair (Uses 80 Watts) Bluish color

MAX: Lasted longer than Luks...about 1 year ...same color as Luks but eventually faded to white...Price $20 / pair- Uses 80 Watts

PIAA Super Whites: Great Bulbs..saw a difference in output...white...but similar to stock. Sold em on eBay after a week because I wasn't completely satisfied Price $50 (Uses 55watts)

PIAA Japan Extremes: I LOVE EM!!!! I defintely saw a gain in output. People are always high beaming me b/c they think I have my high beams on! There white white white with a tiny bit of blue tint 2 em...but u can't tell when there on...only in the daytime...u can see the blue crap in the headlight. I put em in last month...still lasting me...price $70...uses 55Watts

Eurolites: Personally never tried em. Uses 80 Watts.and costs about $40...I heard that they last...they come in purple, blue and I believe white also.

Overall: PIAA EXTREMES are awesome!!

All these bulbs were 9006.
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