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best lowering height

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Hey guys I'm asking the people that know they technical stuff....What is the best height to lower a Civic to get the best handeling? I know lowering your car makes handeling better, but when you lwoer it too much, it actually makes it worse. How much should I lower it to get the most handeling from my car? Thanks alot.
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lOOkatme said:
the best height for handeling is race springs...If sport springs were better than why are race springs called race springs??? cause they handle perform the best out of any other spring made for the company.

race cars are dropped on their nuts!
Race cars also only race on the track, where the road is nice and smooth, and there aren't any bumps or anything to kill themselves on. Race cars also usually have different suspension mounting points than street cars (including Le Mans cars and all the other "production" car race groups...they are lowered a lot, but only because the rules allow them to change suspension mounting points). I suppose that if you had the money to turn your car into a dedicated race car and never drove it on the street then yes...race springs are the best things.

For a car that is driven on the street...I agree with McLaren, 1.5". Maybe 1.75" if you are feeling crazy.
They will make your ride softer, but will that be enough? Going from a ride quality that will make your teeth fall out to just bone jarring might not be what you're looking for.

But recommending against Race springs has more to do with suspension geometry and camber and spring rates and a host of other things than it has to do with ride quality....
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