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best lowering height

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Hey guys I'm asking the people that know they technical stuff....What is the best height to lower a Civic to get the best handeling? I know lowering your car makes handeling better, but when you lwoer it too much, it actually makes it worse. How much should I lower it to get the most handeling from my car? Thanks alot.
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in my opinion it also depends on where you in NY, the roads are all f*cked up. i got Eibach Prokit springs (1.25 all around ) w/ tokico blues. nice drop + good ride quality ( feels like stock ). I can go over most bumps with no problem. it feels like you just "glide" over them. Cornering capabilities are decent. i plan on getting more suspension bars. all i have is the front strut tower bar so far. But my opinion on the Prokit is thats its a good noticable drop with good ride comfort. hope this helps..peace.
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